Why Six 12 Golf?

A Little History.



When you look at the history of golf you will have a hard time finding a golf course with 18 holes until the late 1800’s. All the courses at the time had 12 holes or less. Two famous courses in the history of golf which were 12 holes are Prestwick Golf Club, and the famous Old Course at St. Andrews.

When discussing the history of 12-hole golf it is hard not to start off with the historic Prestwick Golf Club in Scotland. Founded in 1851 it was originally created as a 12-hole course and did not expand to 18 holes until 1864. It is also was the birthplace of the Open Championship in 1860. The first 12 Open Championships were played there, 24 in total. This means that the first four of what many consider to be the golfs pinnacle major championship was played on a 12-hole course totaling 3799 yards.  St. Andrews Old Course was also a 12-hole course dating back to 1764 and remained so until around 1863.

At Six 12 Golf we are looking to the past to enhance the future of golf and to make golf fun again. Just as in fashion or even music, the past always seems to come back to be the “new thing”. Six and twelve-hole golf courses are doing the same thing. Some of the many advantages of the Six-12 golf concept include bringing fun back to the game of golf as well as helping your bottom line. Over the next several weeks we will be discussing these and other advantages and how Six 12 Golf can help you with them.

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