Twelve Hole Golf Courses The Time is Now

Why 12-hole golf courses?  Why now? Why Six12 Golf? All are very good questions, and if you are currently looking to build a new golf course or remodel an existing golf course, these are just some of the questions you should be asking yourself before you do anything else. When deciding this, know that 12-hole courses are not a fad and they do currently exist. Some of the earliest and greatest golf courses started out as 12-hole courses. Two of the most well-known of these are St. Andrews and Prestwick.


Why 12-hole golf courses? As a developer, you know that land isn’t cheap. As a golf course operator, you may be seeing the number of rounds played falling. This could be current players playing less or quitting altogether. Maybe you’re not seeing new players walking in the door. Maybe you’re even facing the threat of having to close your doors due to the loss of rounds? How much money can you save purchasing an 80-acre parcel vs 120 acres? What can you do with that extra money or even the extra land if you already have the 120 acres? How much money can you save by building six fewer holes? Have you considered downsizing your course? Going from 18 to a 12-hole golf course and repurposing the extra land could be the thing that makes the difference between staying in business and closing.


Why now? The old saying “Less is more” is as true today as it ever was. Many people believe that time is a significant factor in the decline of the number of people playing the game is. Over the past several years, the golf industry has grappled with ways to attract Millennials. It is no secret that the game loses participation from both new and current golfers alike because it takes far too long to complete a round of 18 holes. Even the USGA agrees with this analysis, as is evident with their current promotion of playing nine holes. A 12-hole golf course is a perfect solution, with fewer holes and  more possibilities and flexibility. Golf is currently at a turning point and the 12-hole golf course concept is a great way to get it headed in the right direction.


Why Six12 Golf? We are passionate about golf and believe in the concept of 12-hole golf courses and what they can bring to the game. With a resume that consists of close to 20 newly designed and remodeled courses, five master-planned communities and over 100 courses constructed or remodeled, owner and golf course designer, Terry LaGree, has the ability to turn your vision into reality.

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