Mitchell Clark | Golf Course Superintendent & DeWitt Cox | Membership Chairman | Indian River Club

We selected five (5) companies to provide proposals and from these we selected two. We invited them to come and meet with us so we could get a feel for who they were and make sure they understood our objectives. After this meeting we selected Barbaron. This was without a doubt the best decision we could have made!

From begining to end there was always a feeling the finished product was something we were going to be proud to present to our membership The creative thinking on the part of your architect Terry LaGree, to the work being done by all the crew, everyone of them worked diligently to give us the finished product that has made us so happy.

Having had business dealings in many different fields over the 40 plus years I have worked, I must say that this was the most pleasant experience I have ever had in doing what was a most difficult task.
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Terrill A. LaGree is President of Barbaron, Inc. and is responsible for operation, customer relations and the design division of the business.