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In response to today’s golf market where rounds are decreasing and cost of operations soaring, Six12 Golf and sister company Harmony Links Golf offers a strategic business relationship enabling you to reposition your golf facility.  From design to construction to marketing services we’ll work with you as your consultative partner to improve on your current design, enable you to provide an improved set of greens, reduce your cost by hundreds of thousands annually while increasing revenues

When most people think of turf they have flashbacks to cheesy bright green plastic whose only resemblance to grass was it had blades like grass. The feel, the look, the performance of it…no where close to real grass. Times, they have changed! Today, synthetic turf is a viable option for natural grass. For the game of golf, it is becoming a goto for developers and builders not only for its playability but for its cost-saving attributes.

The ROI on synthetic turf is approximately 3 years. With an annual savings of up to $150,000 in maintenance cost, installing turf can bring $1.5 million to the bottom line over a ten year period. Along with the financial benefits of turf come ecological benefits as well. With water being a hot topic for many golf course operators, having to water up to four fewer acres of grass is a lot of water saved. In addition, the amount of fertilizer being added to the ground and potentially being washed into our water sources drops dramatically as well.

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