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Barbarons design arm Six12 Golf can provide you with options when it comes to designing/redesigning your upcoming project. In addition to traditional golf course design-and-build services, golf course designer Terry LaGree has taken it one step further by thinking outside the box. Terry LaGree, who has won national recognition for golf course design-and-build, has long been a fan of 6 and 12-hole regulation golf loops to enable golfers to play as much or as little as they would like.

With the decline of golf, including golf course closings, rounds-per-year, and the number of active golfers, 6 and 12-hole golf courses is an alternative solution for many developers. Six12 Golf can help to improve what it sees as the main challenges golf faces today:


  1. Profitability
  2. The time it takes to play the game
  3. Making golf more fun for more people



Developers have long agonized over the cost to build an 18-hole golf course and then, properly maintain the course as an amenity to attract residents.

By offering developers the alternatives of 6 and 12 hole golf loops, using real turf or synthetic turf, this new concept can change the game for profitability.




Playing 18 holes during summers in the south can be daunting for anyone but especially older golfers. But by incorporating 6 or 12 hole golf loops, golfers can “call it a day at different intervals.” This is very attractive in residential communities catering to seniors where these loops can be played in about 1 hour and 15 minutes.




Barbaron’s 6 and 12 hole golf strategy is to make golf less penal and more fun for golfers. This is both in the design of the 6 and 12 hole loops, making the holes challenging for skilled players but providing easier routes of play for the novice or less skilled golfer.

Six12 Golf can turn ideas into reality. We do this by balancing the physical realities the property offers and the budgetary requirements that the owner sets forth. In doing this we are able to create a project that fits the needs of golfers and the golf course owners. Terry LaGree, golf course designer and founder of Six12 Golf has been doing this for over 25 years. With four 18 hole courses including nationally recognized Jack Frost National in Pennsylvania, one 9 hole golf course, and dozens of remodels, Six12 Golf has the skills needed to make your next project a successful one.

Our philosophy of design is simple, create something that attracts golfers who have been playing the game for years but also those who are just taking up the game. Also, by creating a project for the owner that utilizes their piece of property to its fullest. One of the ways we at Six12 golf believe is a way to accomplish this is by going back to golfs roots and creating twelve- hole golf courses.

A twelve-hole course means shorter rounds, and in today’s world time seems to be in short supply. By cutting the time it takes to play a round in almost half this is a huge draw for those with limited time to play. There are several design features that can be incorporated into not only a twelve-hole design but a regulation size design as well. Multiple tee boxes are one simple way to give a golf course a different feel. Strategically placed tees can make the novice player feel more accomplished by being able to reach a green in regulation. It can also give the tenured player the risk vs reward feeling by hitting over a water feature to cut the distance of the hole or bailing out and taking the safe approach. Another fun feature is by creating a tribute design. By creating a course that honors some of the greatest architects in the history of the game and some of the most iconic holes from around the world, a golfer can play those courses they see on TV every weekend without having to get on an airplane.

For owners and developers, a twelve-hole golf course has numerous advantages. The biggest one is the amount of land needed. A regulation size course uses approximately 120 acres, a twelve-hole course can be built on 60-80 acres. For an owner who is out looking for a piece of land to build a golf course on there is already a huge saving in your initial purchase of land. If you are an owner who already owns that 120 acres, now you have another 40-60 acres of income-generating possibilities. Another advantage for owners is with six fewer holes to build, your construction cost is cut by 33%.

There is no design project to big or too small. If you are looking to create a new luxury project on 500 acres, add a six-hole fun course to your local community center, or redesign a single green on your current course, Six12 Golf can help you accomplish your goals.

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