Master Planning & Landscape Architecture

A master plan is a long-term plan of a specific project that provides a layout and guide of future growth and development. As an owner/developer it is important to find the right person who is able to see the vision that is needed to turn your blank canvas into a functioning, profitable work of art. Terry LaGree, founder of Six12 Golf is a nationally certified Landscape Architect and golf course designer has a master planning resume contains some of the finest communities not only in Florida but around the country, Boc Air Country Club, Boca Golf and Tennis, Palm Aire Sarasota, Black Diamond Ranch, and Grand Patrician Resort.

There are five key reasons why a master plan is important:

  1. It creates a map for you to follow to ensure you are able to reach your end goal.
  2. In the long run, it saves the owner time and money.
  3. It is a breathing document which allows the owners to get involved and give input to changes and watch it grow and mature.
  4. It helps with estimating and creating a budget
  5. It gets people excited…Seeing a dream on paper get you one step closer to it becoming a reality.

The Art of Landscape Architecture and Master Planning has contributed greatly to the beauty of the world we live in today. Landscape Architecture’s goal is the blending of a sites natural elements and the enhancing of that environment that bring man and nature into harmony.

Our experience over the past 40 years in Community Mastering Planning, Golf Design, Park Design, and Residential Landscape Design has done that very thing. Making the world more beautiful one project at a time.