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Golf Course Design & Six 12 Golf


Six12 Golf can turn ideas into reality. We do this by balancing the physical realities the property offers and the budgetary requirements that the owner sets forth. In doing this we are able to create a project that fits the needs of golfers and the golf course owners. Terry LaGree, golf course designer and founder of Six12 Golf has been doing this for over 30 years. With four 18 hole courses including nationally recognized Jack Frost National in Pennsylvania, one 9 hole golf course, and dozens of remodels, Six12 Golf has the skills needed to make your next project a successful one.

Our philosophy of design is simple, create something that attracts golfers who have been playing the game for years but also those who are just taking up the game. Also, by creating a project for the owner that utilizes their piece of property to its fullest. One of the ways we at Six12 golf believe is a way to accomplish this is by going back to golfs roots and creating twelve- hole golf courses. To learn more about our 12 hole philosophy and if it could be a good fit for your project, click on the link below.

There is no design project to big or too small. If you are looking to create a new luxury project on 500 acres, add a six-hole fun course to your local community center, or redesign a single green on your current course, Six12 Golf can help you accomplish your goals.

Six12 and 12 hole golf courses