Return of 12 Hole Golf



In our last post, I discussed the history and benefits of a 12 hole golf course. Today I will discuss more benefits of 12 hole golf courses and highlight a successful 12 hole golf course in Ontario. As we know, golf has been on the decline and many courses are struggling to remain in operation and are in desperate need of a remodel. One way to attract new and returning golfers to your 9 or 18 hole course is to convert it into a 12 hole course. This has been a vision of Terry LaGree, award winning golf course designer, and his company, Six12 Golf.

Mr. LaGree has experience with designing a 12 hole golf course that we will discuss more in a later blog, but now lets discuss the success of a 12 hole golf course. Crumlin Creek Golf Club in London, Ontario is a successful conversion of a 9 hole course into a 12 hole golf course. At the helm of this successful conversion is Peter Henderson, Superintendent / General Manager. I asked Mr. Henderson about the success he is experiencing managing Crumlin Creek Golf Club and this is what he had to say:


How accepting is your 12 hole golf course?

“Our 12 hole design has been widely accepted by golfers of all ages, and skill level.”

“Our golfers love the concept for various reasons. Many of our seniors find that 12 holes is the perfect walk for them.  Our price point is ideal for many golfers, and our time of play (2 – 2.5 hours) on average fit many people’s busy schedules. Many evening golfers find that 12 holes is perfect for a quick non rushed round after work. “

Is it profitable?

“The course was an old 9 hole course prior to our ownership, followed by our redesigns and new renovations. Our annual sales since opening as a 12 hole layout are up 50%. With that being said improvements throughout all aspects of the course and business model are the result of increased sales and cannot be directly based on the 12 hole layout. Although I have a firm belief 12 hole courses are a realistic and viable option for golfers and courses all over the world.”


With the innovation and design work of Terry LaGree, Six12 Golf can build or remodel your current course to create a desirable 12 hole golf course for your market. With the economy slowly improving, this transformation can give your course the opportunity to increase its sales and become more successful like Peter Henderson’s Crumlin Creek Golf Club.


*Special thank you to Peter Henderson and Crumlin Creek Golf Club!*


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