Renewing the Joy of Golf

At Six-12 Golf, we see that the interests and expectations of current and potential golfers are changing. One of our many goals is to meet those expectations by finding new and exciting ways to approach the game of golf such as 6 and 12 hole layouts, while still respecting its time-honored history. We want to bring back those who have left the game and entice potential new players to give golf a go.

We realize that what may bring joy to one person may not bring joy to the next. Some people get joy from the relaxation that comes from golfing as a hobby. Golf may be their escape. Others get joy from the social aspect that golf brings to them, spending quality time with friends or family. Yet, others get joy from competitive golf, whether it is a high stakes game, or a friendly match. Six-12 Golf aims to find new ways to engage these players and everyone in between.

So, how can Six-12 renew the joy of golf and meet new and changing expectations? We focus on amplifying amenities and targeting deterrents.

We are able to design courses that reduce intimidation, which is a big factor for people new to the game, as well to some current players. Six-12 cannot fix all of the intimidation factors of golf, such as how good the person you are playing against is, but we can help make the environment more inviting for people new (and old) to the game. Some ways we do this is by setting up the course so that it is sure to be enjoyable for all skill levels. Different sets of tees, more fairway, less rough, and bigger greens are just a few of the things that can be done to help alleviate the intimidation players may feel.

The social side of golf is sometimes overlooked. Golf is a great way to interact, not only for business, but with friends, and, of course, with family. This not only has to do with the golf course itself, but with the amenities associated with the facility. Six-12 looks at the amenities that coincide with the game that truly enhance the social aspect of golf and the facility. Examples of expanded amenities include workout facilities, pools and significant food and beverage options, just to name a few.

Everyone loves a little competition. Six-12 has the knowledge and experience to create or redesign a facility that can offer a variety of competitive levels that suit everyone’s taste. It could be setting up a practice facility where you have the ability to play different games, or creating a course where you are playing the most difficult holes from around the world, or designing something as simple as hole where players test who has the best short game to tackle this 89 yard par 3.

These are just a few things that we at Six-12 Golf feel can bring more joy to current players and create more interest with potential players. Our mission is to use our over 30 years of expertise in the industry and our outside the box approach to help you achieve your project goals and keep the great game of golf alive.

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