Barbaron, Inc. has recently added a new twist to its traditional golf course design-and-build services. Terry LaGree, who has won national recognition for golf course design-and-build, has long been a fan of 6 and 12 hole regulation golf loops to enable golfers to play as much or as little as they would like.

With the decline of golf, including golf course closings, rounds-per-year, and number of active golfers.

SIX12 GOLF ®   can improve the 3 challenges golf faces today:

  1. Profitability
  2. Time it takes to play the game
  3. Making golf more fun for more people


Developers have long agonized over the cost to build an 18-hole golf course and then, properly maintain the course as an amenity to attract residents.

By offering developers the alternatives of 6 and 12 hole golf loops, using real turf or synthetic turf, this new concept can change the game for profitability.


Barbaron, in conjunction with Harmony Links Golf, in which Terry and his business partner, Jeff Hartson, offer Harmony Links Commercial Turf, which they certify as “commercial-ready” to improve the ROI for developers.

Their tagline, “Delivering Next Generation Golf Today,” embodies the forward-thinking concept of SIX12 GOLF®.

Their 9-hole parks-and-recreation installation in southern IL has had 1 person maintaining the course for 5 years, featuring Harmony Links Commercial (synthetic) Turf.

Their typical ROI is between 3 – 4 years for their synthetic turf offering.

There is no watering of greens or tees, no pesticides, herbicides or green mowing. Most interestingly, there is also no aerification so they are “perfect greens every day” and no more greens with rows of holes.

With the 7 pounds of rounded, sized infill for every sq ft, shots to the green react just like your home course. (see playability videos at

These improvements make your golf amenity or course a profit center, not a loss center.


Playing 18 holes during summers in the south can be daunting for anyone but especially older golfers. But by incorporating 6 or 12 hole golf loops, golfers can “call it a day at different intervals.” This is very attractive in residential communities catering to seniors where these loops can be played in about 1 hour and 15 minutes.


Barbaron’s 6 and 12 hole golf strategy is to make golf less penal and more fun for golfers. This is both in the design of the 6 and 12 hole loops, making the holes challenging for skilled players but providing easier routes of play for the novice or less skilled golfer.

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